Storage Services

Export Depot has access to warehouses all around the world. Our main warehouse is located in Dorval, Montreal.

If you happen to need our storage services, they are available to you internationally and at surprising low prices.  Either you need long or short term services, Export Depot can help you to keep your belongings safe.

Our warehousing solutions offer to our customers:

  •  Higher service levels.
  •  Improved inventory management and stock accuracy.
  •  Shorter lead times.
  •  Reduced inventory obsolescence.
  •  Increased productivity.
  •  Greater responsiveness to its strategic objectives.
  •  Flexibility to allow volumes to grow and fluctuate.
  •  Transfer of industry best practice from other sectors and regions.

Clean, secure and climate-controlled:

If for some reasons, its suddenly impossible for you to receive your belongings at your new residence, call Export Depot. We are available to hold your goods for you, as long as you wish, in one of our warehouses. They are secured, safe, fireproofed, clean, regularly inspected and climate-controlled.

If you desire long term storage, for additional fees we can offer insurance for your goods; so they are protected from losses and damages.  Also cars, boats, trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles are sheltered inside the warehouses.

We ensure safe and secure storage by:

  • Providing clean, secure, climate-controlled storage facilities
  • Using secure storage containers to protect your items from losses or damages
  • Leaving household items in original cartons to minimize handling
  • Storing upholstered furniture in stretch wrap on special racks
  • Sheltering of cars, boats, trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles inside facilities
  • Regular inspection and grading of warehouses by our own quality inspectors


For more information about our Storage Services, please contact us at (514) 421-1655 or at



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