Experience and knowledge is required when it comes to motorcycle shipping. We have been in the industry for more than 30 years and we can provide you the best shipping solutions and services available.

Our motorcycle airfreight program offers you the most reliable, fastest and easiest way of transporting your motorcycle across the Atlantic.

We make all the arrangements for your motorcycle to be shipped uncrated, by airfreight between Canada and Europe. We prepare all of the necessary paperwork and the dangerous goods certificates.

We only do business with the most reputable and trustworthy airfreight companies and we will treat your motorcycle as if it was ours.

Another reason for choosing airfreight shipping for your motorcycle is that we can arrange for you to fly with it; on the same flight. This allows you to make the most out of your vacation/trip.

When comparing ocean and air freight for your motorcycle shipping, it is important to take in consideration all of the following information:

Cost: Ocean freight is usually cheaper than air freight; but when comparing custom clearance; port fees are much more expensive.

Transit time: When sending your motorcycle by air; it will arrive at destination in 1-3 days. By ocean freight, it can take up to 20-60 days.

Safety: Air shipping is safer than ocean shipping. There is more handling of cargo; meaning more risk of damages with LCL shipments than with air shipments.

Predictableness: Delays with ocean shipments are not uncommon. Most vessels will have to transship at least once during their route and usually will stay there for a couple of days before continuing. Air shipments are more reliable if you desire to use your motorcycle for a precise period of time and you can’t afford to wait for it to arrive at destination.

Please contact us for more information about motorcycle transport by air at (514) 421-1655 or by email at info@exportdepot.ca